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Home | Themes | Le protestantisme en régions - Protestant museums and historical associations | The protestant Museum in the Wassy barn
The protestant Museum in the Wassy barn
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Wassy (Haute-Marne)

On the 1st March 1562, the Duc de Guise went to celebrate mass in Wassy and on his way back, forced open the doors of the barn where a thousand unarmed protestants were holding a religious service. The troops of the Duc de Guise killed at least a hundred men, women and children.

This incident started off the religious wars

The massacre in Wassy immediately triggered off the religious wars which were later to divide Europe - catholic and protestant armies were locked in battle until the Edict of Nantes was signed by Henri IV in 1598.

In 1980, a decision was taken to bring this historic site back to life by converting it into a Museum, where people could discover the history of French Protestantism and where Freedom of Conscience could be shown to be an essential value in the modern world.

In 1990, the vicarage was pulled down for safety reasons and a Square of the Reformation created in its place. The Temple has been restored and now houses the protestant Museum of the Wassy barn.

Musée Protestant de la Grange de Wassy (Haute-Marne)

Exhibition on the Massacre of Wassy et les Wars of Religion

Contact : Pasteur Cormouls-Houlès

34, res Desbordes-Valmore - 75116 PARIS - tél : 01 45 04 80 35


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